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Carlyle at the Omni | Social Events

Decorated in the spirit of an authentic 1950s diner, The Omni Diner is a refreshing step back into one of America's most defining decades. Colorfully decorated in the era's signature Candy Apple Red with chrome trim and neon lights, the age of rock-and-roll lives on for future generations to enjoy. The original Seeburg jukebox contains a wealth of timeless classic records from icons such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Fats Domino, while the walls feature an eclectic collection of pop art and culture.

Whether you want to host a nostalgic birthday or anniversary, or are looking for a more exciting location for a Sweet 16 or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, The Omni Diner features an atmosphere that will captivate the spirit of every guest. The spacious interior provides a comfortable layout for cocktail receptions, sit-down dining, while the large dance floor is inviting for guests that want to recapture the magic of the Twist, Jitterbug, Stroll, or even something more contemporary.

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